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Today our firm transforms bovine milk, ovine and of buffalo. Our range spaces from the Mozzarella, to the pastas spun seeds cooked, the typical caciocavallo and the mozzarella passite; within the transformation of ovine milk the Canestrato Pugliese, besides the caciottes of pure sheep and mixed.
Canestrato Pugliese and Caciocavallo have distinguished for a long time our firm with satisfaction and pride for l excellent quality, yesterday valorized today by the recognition D.O.P.

We don't neglect besides the quality of our Oil Extra-Virgo of Olive, produced and bottled near our crushers Oil with olives of quality "peranzana", harvests exclusively in our zone.
To today the firm it is in constant growth and curtains to conform the productions to the qualitative standards that the demanding market more and more requires.

Already in 1999 the firm is certified ISO 9002, today - VISION 2000, finishing line that allows our structure to typically valorize the productions some south, also in the national circle and to always spread our southern culture in good light.

We greet all those people who will want to devote us some instant in to visit our site Web and we postpone You to our form of contact for every possible explanation. Commercial Direction Ernesto Cordisco.


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